[Part One] 25 Thing I Learned About POD In 2019

Hey gang... Joe Robert here!

As we head into the new year I wanted to write up 25 things I've learned in 2019 about print on demand!

These are things I've learned from running my own print on demand brands, but also while working with over 400 people in my private mentorship group!

This list of 25 things will be broken up into 5 parts so stay tuned for more as they are released!

1) Print on demand still works.. better than ever!

This year I worked on several projects and had some of the biggest sales months in my life. I even produced a case study where I scaled a new store to over $23,000 in just 10 days.

I also witnessed almost $1 million in sales earned by my students.

I see on YouTube all of the time that “POD is dead” and it’s “The worst online business” - the truth is... it’s not. It’s working better than ever.

2) Print On Demand Apps Are Not Created Equal.

I saw lots of people fall victim this Q4 to print on demand apps that could not deliver their orders in a timely manner.

Some apps were taking 6 weeks to deliver a product. That’s no way to run a business.

That’s why I’ve aligned POD Ninjas with Printify! They are now my recommended print on demand app for 2020!

They’ve got a huge selection of print providers and products - and they deliver fast! Most of their items are produced in the United States which is awesome.

They’ve given us a special coupon code for our readers - use code NINJA50 in your payments section within the app, and you’ll get a free Printify premium account which gives you 20% off of all your orders!

3) Branding Matters...

What comes to mind when I say the world branding? To me, brand is the feeling someone gets about your store when they visit it.

Is it professional? Do you appear as a real business, and not just some online dropshipper?

Things like logo, store name, color scheme and even fonts all contribute to how some may perceive your store.

This year lots of people struggled to convert buyers on their store - missing a brand identity could be to blame.

4) Picking A Profitable Product Matters

Lots of people are making sales, but only the ones who choice the right products are actually making a profit.

This is because in 2019 Facebook ad costs rose to their highest level.

Selling t shirts is no longer profitable.

There I said it. I’ve said it before and made lots of people mad in doing so.

But it’s true, to be successful with print on demand in 2020 the product you choose has to be something that is higher margin than just a t-shirt.

If you don’t know what margin is, it’s the profit you make. Basically your selling price minus what it costs you to fulfill the order.

5) People Who Aren't Designers, Shouldn't Make Designs

So many people who jump into this business model without any design experience or a creative background try and make their own designs.

You know what happens when they do that? They don't make sales!

It's true. So many people have reached out to me for feedback on their designs and usually if it's low quality I ask them if they made it themselves.

They say yes, and I have to break the news to them that while I sense their passion, they should hire someone to do their own designs for them!

This is because making something that not only looks good, but is going to actually be desired by someone - is not easy and is a task that is best left for someone who is skilled in graphic design!



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