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3 Reasons Why Personalized Products Are The Future Of POD

Hey gang - Joe Robert here!

In this blog article I'm gonna explain to you why I think personalization is the future of print on demand.

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So here we go.

Reason #1: Buyers love it. Seriously. According to recent studies I've seen customers are MORE likely to purchase something if they can add a personal touch to it.

With Shopify print on demand we are able to allow customers to do almost anything to our designs - and customers like that!

One article I read said this: "An impressive 70% of consumers say they would pay more attention to personalized products."

Why wouldn't you want to get a slice of that pie!

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Reason #2: We can charge more money. For me, when I sell personalized products I always increase the price. 

Why do I do this?

Well first, it takes just a little bit of extra work from me to do it, but customers feel this price increase is justified because they're adding something to the product!

Almost any company who is custom making a product for a customer is going to charge a premium price, and the same is true with print on demand!

This means you could sell a pillow that normally only $19 for $30 or more! At least that's what I've been able to do!

Reason #3: Its becoming very easy to fulfill custom orders

A year ago, offering custom products on your store would have required special coding or super expensive apps.

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But now, it's so simple anyone with a Shopify store can easily set this up.

In fact, for some types of personalization you don't even need to pay for any apps at all.

Print on demand apps are evolving, and some have advanced personalization features built right in!

So, I'll leave you with this, if you're not pursuing personalization, you need to.

I have a very affordable program to teach you this!

Introducing Personalized POD. 

It's a complete walkthrough of the technical set up to offer personalized phone cases, mugs, tumblers, canvases, blankets and jewelry on your store.

And right now, it's only $27

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I'll see ya soon,

Joe Robert


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